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Uh Let's Write the Documentation As a Group

This document represents the entirety of public documentation for the Audicle (in addition to the papers, which doesn't really help one use it). Please contribute (by editing this page - click 'edit' above) by adding content (big or small) to this page on using the Audicle. Thanks!!!

Some notes

  • if you are learning ChucK:
    • we highly recommend not using the Audicle just yet (still in development).
    • instead, use the command line chuck (here) with the text editor of your choice:
      • OS X: pico, TextEdit (GUI), vi, emacs
      • Windows: notepad, wordpad, emacs, or get cygwin.
      • Linux: take your pick
    • there is the new miniAudicle
    • documentation can be found at
  • got a question/comment/complaint
    • join the mailing lists here
    • email gewang(at)

What is the Audicle

  • 6 faces, each a different purpose (only 4 implemented so far)
  • includes chuck compiler and virtual machine
  • can be used together with command line chuck and miniAudicle...

Basic Keys

  • ctrl-left|right|up|down : move to the adjacent face
  • ~ : bring up/down the audicle console
  • clicking on the face moves to that face
  • ctrl-g : fullscreen


  • ctrl-n : new buffer
  • ctrl-w : close current buffer
  • ctrl-f : open file
  • ctrl-s : save current buffer
  • ctrl-l : spork current buffer
  • (s) : spork shred
  • clicking on the circle removes that shred
  • dragging circle to another revision moves shred to that revision
  • alt + resize : text
  • ctrl drag : move buffer
  • ctrl-u : all buffer

The ShrEditor helps you keep your code organized! To see how, open a new buffer. Type some valid chuck code and spork it by pressing (s), the green "s" button. Add some more code to the buffer, and notice that you've been automatically placed in *buf*(1), a revision of the original. Spork this code, add more code to the buffer, and you're now in a revision of the revision, *buf*(1.1). To get back to an older revision, simply click on its name. To get rid of a revision, click-and-hold on its name, and drag it into space. It will be placed in its own window where you can then close it by hitting (x) or ctrl-w.


  • red sphere : current transform window
  • yellow sphere: change transform window
  • drag on space : rotate
  • ctrl drag : waterfall


  • green sphere : see text view of shreds (important)
  • move : rotate

The Shredder displays the following information: id - state - name - origin - number of vm bytecode instructions performed - number of time advances - cycles/activations - average control rate (dynamically computed)

Time and Timing

  • d : see more
  • a : see less
  • w : now mode


  • 1 : show/hide
  • 5 : show/hide bindle
  • 9 : show/hide halo
  • e : look around
  • r : wave
  • t : wave with left arm
  • y : mosh?
  • u : nod
  • i : taller
  • space : jump


Does anybody know?