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Major Modes for ChucK

There are 3 major-mode files available on the internet for using ChucK with Emacs

  • ChucK Emacs Mode : A major mode for editing .ck files and for controlling a running ChucK process from Emacs : Mikael Johansson (last updated in 2004)
  • Graham's chuck-mode.el : Graham's changes to above (last updated 2006)
  • Kao's chuck-mode.el : Based on the original chuck.el by Mikael, but currently maintained. (and after some time I'm back with a new separated repository for chuck-mode.el.)

How to Use chuck-mode.el

These instructions refer to Kao's chuck-mode.el file.

The mode provides syntax highlight for ChucK keywords, chuck operators, standard namespaces, standard library functions, standard UGens and special values. It also provides automatic indentation.

  • C-c C-c prompts the user for a buffer to send to the ChucK VM. The default value is the current buffer, so if you press <return> right away the buffer you are editing will be sent.
  • C-c C-r prompts for a buffer, like the previous command, but after that prompts for a shred ID to be replaced with the choosen buffer.
  • C-c C-d remove a shred from the VM by it's ID.
  • Electric = key: since ChucK don't use the = sign alone, pressing = key once will insert the => chuck operator. Pressing it again right after a chuck operator will turn it into ==. If you press C-u before pressing = an upchuck operator will be inserted instead.

The mode is being actively maintained on a bitbucket repository, You can report issues if you find a bug and they'll be fixed ASAP. Suggestions for enhancements are also welcome (you can use the issue report interface for that too).