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  • Dory
    • Dory is running gentoo x86_64. and have lots of detailed documentation.
    • Creating an account: Figure out you CS dept uid by logging into a department server, and running "ls -n". Now log into dory as root, and type
      /root/ username uid [additional options to adduser]
      This will create an account and home directory for you with the proper uid, and add you to the other local groups you should be a member of. It will also prompt you to create a password.
    • You can set up network shares to be automatically mounted/unmounted on login/out using pam_mount. Look at ~bjbrown/.pam_mount.conf for an example configuration file for this.
    • The online database of packages for gentoo is at You can also run the following at the command line:
      emerge -s searchspec
    • Package installation: The gentoo packaging system is called portage. Refresh the local package database with
      emerge --sync
      . Test what will be installed with
      emerge -p package_list
      Finally, install with
      emerge package_list
    • Questions about the linux installation on this machine should be directed to bjbrown.