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SndBuf buf;
LiSa loopme => dac;

//change this path to your own sample
"/Users/dan/Files/Chuck/LiSa_examples/TomVega.wav" =>;

//set lisa buffer size to sample size
buf.samples()::samp => loopme.duration;

//transfer values from SndBuf to LiSa
for ( 0 => int i; i < buf.samples(); i++ ) {

	 loopme.valueAt(buf.valueAt(i), i::samp);


//set sync/track mode to 2, where the input chooses playback position
//interpreted as a time value
//again, negative values are multiplied internally by -1
2 => loopme.sync;

//use an oscillator to set playback position
SinOsc tracker => loopme;
Step off => loopme;

//tracker parameters; will determine how far into the buffer
//to go (gain), with what offset (off) and with what speed (freq)
0.05 => tracker.freq;
//we'll loop over half of the buffer
loopme.duration() / 4::samp => tracker.gain;
//starting at the midpoint
loopme.duration() / 2::samp =>;

//play it back
1   =>;
0.5 => loopme.gain;

while ( true ) { 

	 //monitor where we're playing back from in the buffer
	 <<<off.last() / 44100>>>;
	 50::ms => now;