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General Information

  • The Purposeful Purloiner: Theft By Ear
  • Graduate Seminar, Fall 2009
  • Paul Lansky and Dan Trueman
  • Th 1:30 – 4:20, Graduate Seminar Room

Rough Schedule

Week 1 (9/24)

For this week, please bring one or more examples of any of the following:

  • a piece of yours where you actively engaged in some kind of theft or borrowing. share the source and your own work, and as much information as you can about the nature of your heist (transcription, analysis, sketches, hand waving, whatever is appropriate).
  • a "transcription" (or other representation) that you have made in the past of some kind of music.
  • a "transcription" (or other representation) that someone else has made of some kind of music that you find particularly intriguing, problematic or useful.
  • an example of some piece of music (not your own) that you are convinced can be proven (or at least implied) guilty of some kind of theft; be prepared to make your case.

if you can't dig up a single example of any of these, but are still interested in the seminar, then please still come! just to be clear, we aren't expecting you bring examples of EACH of these (though of course you are welcome to), but rather one or more examples of any of them.

Week 2 (10/1)

  • Ligeti Etude "transcriptions"

Week 3 (10/8)

  • new work based on Ligeti "transcriptions"

Week 4 (10/15)

  • Bjork...

Links for Listening

Useful Software for Transcribing

Other Stuff?

  • links to articles, any other related stuff; seminar members are welcome to add...