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Putting the studio back into Chuck<

  • synthesis
    • UGens for oscillators, filters, envelopes
    • LFOs (slow UGen=>blackhole, then query UGen.last())
  • Sampling
    • SndBuf
  • Time
    • delay: Delay, DelayL, Echo, Chorus
    • reverbs: PRCRev, JCRev
  • Amplitude
    • analyzing for volume, two methods
      • Time-Domain (average of last N samples) using
      • FFT-based (integral of an FFT frame) using Unit Analyzers FFT and RMS (see chuck examples/analysis/features/
    • (take that value to affect volume, can create gates or compressors)
    • Sample rate and bit depth degradation:
  • Frequency
    • Many Filter UGens, easiest to use LPF, BPF, HPF
    • Transposing a signal: PitShift
    • Vocoder
    • pitch detection (not very smart, just finding the FFT bin with the greatest magnitude)