PLOrk Assignment ChucKFun

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PLOrk Assignment: Have Fun with ChucK

ChucK component

  • play with ChucK!
  • use either a plorktop or your own machine at home

to do

  • run the examples given (see: PLOrk_Asgn2_Details, which assumes you are working on a plorktop. If you are working from your own machine, there are a few places that may be different for you. don't hesitate to post/email questions.)
  • open up a few programs (try using TextEdit on OS X, or WordPad on Windows) and get a general idea of the code. try modifying some of the parameters, save the file (perhaps under a different name), and run it with chuck. does the result sound simlilar to what you expected?
  • create 2 ChucK programs (of arbitrary length), either using one of the examples as a model or starting from scratch; one program should generate sound(s) / music that is "rhythmic". the other program should generate sounds/music that has little or no "rhythm". you define what "rhythmic" means. we will play these programs together in class.
  • turn in the programs with a short README file that explains the 2 programs you have created and any interesting experience or problems you encountered in their making.