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PLOrk CVS Primer:

Plork User:

  • We will refer to the central plork directory on each machine as 'PLORK_DIR'
  • All commands are in Terminal

Synchronizing to Repository:

   > cd PLORK_DIR
   > cvs update -d

(the above synchronizes your directory to the most recent versions of all known files, including in suddirectories)

(if a conflict is there - perhaps you edited earlier version of a file that wasn't committed - cvs will attempt to merge the new with your existing. if it can't, an message will appear tell you there was a conflict and cvs marks the places in the file that have the conflict. you need to resolve it manually.)

Committing Changes to Repository:

Modified files (including recently added files) must be committed to change what is in the repository.

   > cvs commit -m "put note here"

(the above will commit everything inside the current directory (that CVS knows about), including files in known subdirectories.

   > cvs commit -m "file made more pleasant" foo.txt bar.txt

(the above commits only foo.txt and bar.txt)

Adding Files to the Repository:

In order for cvs to know about files, cvs add files and directories.

   > cvs add a.txt c.jpg

(the above adds a.txt and c.jpg to the repository under the current directory. cvs add can only be done in known directories.)

IMPORTANT: added files still need to be committed!

   > cvs add dir1

(works same way on directories - except directories, once added, do not have to be committed.)

That's all. Please ask/email/call one of us (for example, Ge) if you have questions.