PLOrk fall2006/Works/Second File

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  • composer: Andrea Mazzariello
  • duration: variable
  • software used: OS X

Program Notes

This composition should produce a texture that evolves over time in terms of pitch content and density. It should also require silent communication between players, to keep the system on track. I started by removing pitches from the array in the example. The players must replace these pitches, one at a time, and then remove a different group of pitches, one at a time. In this way the density moves from sparse to rich and back to sparse, while the pitch content is in constant flux.

In order to approximate the sound of the multiple laptops playing in turn while composing, I used the "--loop" and "+" commands in two different terminal shells. Initial ideas for the piece asked the players to do the same, such that each could create a complex texture, but this was scrapped in favor of a more minimal approach, so cross-rhythms and interesting pitch combinations had a chance of making it out of the mud.


  • Designate players 1-5
  • Enter on [chuck] in turn. Players determine the timing of their entrance.
  • Once all 5 players have entered, player 1:
    • changes "" according to the instructions in the file
    • saves the file
    • kills chuck
    • runs the new "" ([up arrow + enter])
    • gives "thumbs-up," which cues the next player to start the procedure
  • Cycle through until all players have completed all tasks, then kill chuck in turn.

For an easier performance, use the MiniAudicle. Add shred for the entrance, then replace shreds for ensuing steps.


  • and instructions in PLOrk/users/andrea/composition1