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For the benefit of the taps user community, here is a list of specific issues reported by users, along with temporary solutions if available.

Note: It may be extra hard to make taps work on:

  • 64-bit platforms
  • Windows 98 or older


Audio stuttering
High CPU usage, even at low frame rates
Other weird behavior
  • Check that hardware rendering is enabled for graphics on your system.
  • Try installing new drivers for your graphics card.
Sliders/buttons don't do anything
Text looks blurred
  • Is it a 64-bit platform?
  • If so, can it be compiled in 32-bit mode?
  • There is also a patch for 64-bit machines from Daniel Schmitt. It fixes some things, but other problems may come up later.


"Conflicting declaration" errors for pthread
  • The system may have two different pthread libraries.
  • If so, try deleting one or explicitly setting things up to use just one library.
Debian Lenny
No sound produced even in 32-bit mode
  • It may still work on Debian Etch, possibly related to different library versions in the different distributions.
Error includes the phrase "Visual with necessary capabilities not found"
  • Try removing some flags (e.g: GLUT_ALPHA, GLUT_STENCIL) from the glutInitDisplayMode() function in audicle_gfx.cpp and re-compiling.
  • Information extracted from here.
Ubuntu using jack
Error includes the phrase "No devices found for compiled audio APIs"
  • Try...
    • Installing jackd ("sudo apt-get install taps jackd")
    • Starting jackd ("jackd -d alsa")
    • Running taps ("taps")
  • Information extracted from here
GUI looks fuzzy
  • Unresolved; possibly related to graphics settings.
Mandriva using jack and i686, but maybe also other set-ups
GUI flickers a lot
Flickers at all frame rates, maybe slightly slower for the very slow frame rates
Flickers even after display drivers are updated
  • Unresolved; possibly an OpenGL/Nvidia issue.


Starting actually starts taps executable (or tries to)
Normal Terminal window no longer available
  • Suggestion: Edit/remove the preferences file ~/Library/Preferences/
  • Information extracted from here


Anything weird
  • Re-start and try again.
Green sphere in flippers not visible even when flippers are on
  • Unresolved.

See also: The real Taps/Platform page