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ylee's Final Project


Orange Peel is a set of two short movements for cello and kitchen samples. I recorded various pots and pans and plates, lids, aluminum foil, boxes of cereal, the sink, teapots, etc. for the percussive sounds. The two octaves of pitched sounds are recordings of several bottles, glasses, cups, and jars filled with varying amounts of water to produce the necessary pitches. The sustained sounds are rubbed wineglasses. All of these sounds were placed in a soundfont for easy midi manipulation and sequencing.

I wanted to explore two significantly different ways of combining the cello with kitchen sounds. The first movement is slow and subtle, allowing the more sustained samples to rub against each other and learn to exist with the cello. The second movement uses the kitchen as a percussion instrument, playing quick and precise rhythms to interact with the cello.

The Goods

Sequenced versions of both movements (with synth cello): Movement 1. Movement 2.

Score: Orange Peel.

Kitchen sample soundfont: Kitchen.


Merger and Acquisition Ukraine Viena.