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Puzzle Boat



  1. Q9K4 = WHAT
  2. Q9P = WHO/WHY
  4. DK1 = AND
  5. S9 = IS
  6. TD9 = WAS
  8. PO = ON
  9. QIY = THE
  1. Each letter/number cannot be directly translated to a letter.
  2. Difference is between successive characters is what matters?
  3. Numbers define code-pages?
  4. Simply position based?
  5. Every other word uses a different code system.
  6. The same words appear in difference places, suggesting that meaning is independent of sentence position.
  7. QIL, QIV, QUB, QIY, QII all appear.
  8. aboutTurn Is ... Turnabout? We should be swapping parts of words?
  9. There is some duality... Taking a TD9 and JLV9SARKW, we have T->W,W->T, D->A, A->D, etc.
  10. The aforementioned ones are 4 apart (T->W, A->D). Also applies do K->N in DK1 and Q->T in QIY. J->P and L->R in PRESIDENT are 7 apart.
  11. If you flip around DK1 you get 1KD and if you let 1=A then AKD. K transforms to N somehow. And for S9, flipping you get 9S. 9=I.