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Puzzle Boat



If you arrange the words in alphabetical order of their extra letter, they say something about fonts and World Trade Organization headquarters.



  • ADLDITIONALLY (italic with curly loop on left)
  • AMFONG (snakey, white, outlined)
  • ANKD (military)
  • CAPITACL (raggedy brushes)
  • FONJTS (boxed white on black)
  • HEADQUARMTERS (thin, non-italic)
  • INCLUDEED (serify, somewhat thin)
  • ORGANIZAQTION (white, outlined)
  • OWRGANIZATION (thick comic)
  • TRAPDE (thin serif)
  • VIRTUYAL (grey with waves)
  • WADS (thick serif)
  • WEXB (reedy)
  • WIDWE (calligraphic)
  • WORRLD (surrounded by square, wiggling outline)
  • WORLOD (gothicy)