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Ball in Maze Player is a system designed for PLOrk by Stephanie Chen

BIMP screenshot


As you navigate your ball through the maze using your computer's built in accelerometers. You can explore a sonically interesting world. Be careful of colliding into walls, those sounds aren't quite as pleasant as the sonic texture of the rest of the maze. Work your way through the maze to the goal. The idea is that the direction and speed of your movement will affect the sound coming out. Tilting the computer left and right will pan the sound to the left and right speakers. Tilting it forwards and backwards will change the rates of modulation.

The Code

The code is available in 2 versions, one including the xcode project files and the other just containing the already built application.

How to Run


  • The latest version of ChucK
  • A Mac that is SMS enabled
  • Terminal
  • Hands

Run the App version

  1. Download from
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Open up terminal and navigate to the folder
  4. In Finder double click
  5. Run the command: chuck

Future Versions

  • Add more functionality directionally, instead of just four directions.
  • Incorporate power ups
  • Add networking functionality, so group can't move on until all players have finished that level.
  • Have functions to reverse controls, etc of other team