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== League Information ==
== League Information ==
* [https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B3kw5nMjD6NPMjBmYjA0NWYtY2RhNi00MWNjLThkYmEtZmNmZGJlMDI1OTFi&hl=en Official rules]
* [https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B3kw5nMjD6NPM2U2NGIyMjMtNzRlZi00YzhjLTlkOGItM2YzOGMxNzM5NGM0&hl=en Official rules]
* [https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B3kw5nMjD6NPNjQ0MDc3NTYtN2MxMS00NTkxLTljNGQtOWM5ZGNkMDNhMmJi&hl=en 2010 List of teams and managers]
* [https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B3kw5nMjD6NPYjVmOWUxMDctYTc2ZC00ZGE2LTgxMmYtMTRiYTY3NmQ1ZDFh&hl=en 2011 List of teams and managers]
* [https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B3kw5nMjD6NPOTc0OWY4ZGQtOGEyMC00MjQwLWJmMTYtNTVkZGEzNmZmYjgw&hl=en 2010 Full league schedule]
* [https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B3kw5nMjD6NPZTUzODY0MGItNmMyNS00MzBkLWE1ZGItMTNhMTBhZDQ2ZjE5&hl=en&authkey=COv52boO 2011 Full league schedule]
== Archives ==
== Archives ==

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About the Cache Hitters

We're looking for players (students, faculty, staff, friends) to join the department's summer softball team, the Cache Hitters. We are all about fun and camaraderie in the summer sun. Everyone who shows up will play, regardless of experience or ability. If you're around for any part of the summer, you should come out to play, even if it's only for one game. Especially if you've never played before, come out and give it a try!

The season runs from late May to early August. We usually play once or twice a week on weekday evenings starting at 5:15pm.

Join the team

  1. E-mail the managers telling us how often you expect to be able to play.
  2. Subscribe to the mailing list via Mailman.

2011 Season


All games begin at 5:45pm. Warm-ups and batting practice at 5:15pm.

Date Opponent Location Result
Mon May 17 @15 DNAces Field 3
Wed May 19 @12 The Dammed Broadmead
Mon May 24 @16 Print Runs Field 2
Tue May 25 @13 Tokabats Field 3
Wed May 26 @19 Defense Mechanisms Field 1
Mon Jun 07 13 Tokabats Broadmead
Tue Jun 08 18 Mechanical Advantage Field 1
Mon Jun 21 @14 Olden St. Valve & Fitting Field 1
Tue Jun 22 14 Olden St. Valve & Fitting Field 4
Tue Jun 29 12 The Dammed Field 1
Thu Jul 01 @18 Mechanical Advantage Field 1
Tue Jul 06 19 Defense Mechanisms Field 4
Thu Jul 08 15 DNAces Field 4
Wed Jul 14 @17 Fightin' Enlightenment Field 1
Thu Jul 15 17 Fightin' Enlightenment Field 4
Mon Jul 26 16 Print Runs Field 1
2011 regular season record: 0-0

In various calendar formats:

Playoff Schedule

Date Opponent Location Result
2011 postseason result:

Official Playoff PDF: TBA

Playoff Bracket: TBA


The West Windsor Fields (1-4) are along Washington Road between Lake Carnegie and Route 1. [1] We will use the front fields closest to Washington Road at the beginning of the season. After July 4th, the fields will relocate to the "Cow Pasture" in the back.

The Broadmead Field is near the corner of Broadmead Street and Western Way in Princeton. [2]

Contact Information

  • Management Team: softball-manager@cs.princeton.edu
    • Co-manager: Jeff Terrace
    • Co-manager: Scott Karlin
  • Team Mailing List: softball@lists.cs.princeton.edu

League Information