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Chip's Final Project: ChucKscape

ChucKscape in action

What is ChucKscape?

ChucKscape is a visual environment created for the purpose of exploring the world of sound + ChucK. While it possesses limited functionality compared to the actual ChucK language it represents, ChucKscape is a great tool for new users to learn about and experiment with ChucK's unit generators, all within a controlled system (read: none of those messy compile-time or runtime errors!). ChucKscape facilitates sound synthesis while combining an aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Sonic artists and neophytes alike can enjoy the effects created by combining simple elements in interesting ways. Combine multiple oscillators at different frequencies to create chords. Add delays or filters to create funky sounds. Use the ADC to feed in your own stuff. With many different elements and infinite ways to connect them, the possibilities are endless!

Using ChucKscape

Please consult the README file found in (see next section) for a more complete tutorial and directions for getting started.

Basic Directions:

Run in ChucK, then run ChucKscape.pde in Processing.

Unit generators in ChucK are represented by "elements." These are connectable modules, each with its own set of parameters that you can adjust. Click and drag an element to move it within the ChucKscape. While it's selected, you can adjust its parameters. Add more elements and connect them by clicking one element's input or output node (the small rectangles attached to the top and/or bottom of the rectangle, respectively) and then clicking another element's output or input.

When you're ready to listen to what you've created, click the "Launch!" button and listen! Adjust the parameters on the fly for a dynamic sonic experience.

Download ChucKscape

Get the code at

In it, you will find everything you need except for Processing and the newest version of ChucK

  • Warning: YOU MUST HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF CHUCK. dynamically allocates arrays. Older versions of ChucK won't let you do this. Compile the new version from the CVS source.

Check out the README first!!!!!!! It has a tutorial and troubleshooting section

Questions, comments, concerns?