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1) Buildable/Runnable ChucK with MAUI included

  (Mac OSX, Snow Leopard, Lion required, Windoze desired but optional).
  chuck-Mini would in a way take care of my file-path problems,
  as running chuck from the command line or from a clickable
  script (which could do a cd if necessary) would automagically
  put things in the directory from where chuck was evoked, and
  I can ensure all necessary files are there.
  Buildable means getting makefiles in a state where I can build stuff.
  I have lots of things I'd like to fold into/expose that I could try
  out and give you for future releases, or just use in my own
  private chuck builds, but only if I can compile.  Some of these
  include making sure every UG that makes sense obeys some
  standard messages (like NoteOn, ADSR for example doesn't
  know what NoteOn means, only KeyOn), more innards of UGs
  are exposed for power users, etc.

Update 2011-10-18

I managed to get the UI stuff to pop up from command line chuck. Its still a bit messy, but you should be able to build the latest with the following:

  $ svn checkout chuck-prc-levitin
  $ cd chuck-prc-levitin
  $ make osx

If you run one of the miniAudicle examples:

  $ ./chuck examples/maui/

you should see a window pop up that you can interact with.


2) extended MAUI widgets (vertical slider, bitmap buttons, other?)

3) SetPath("path"); for chuck

  Maybe support for an environment CHUCK_PATH variable,
  maybe support for ./  ../ etc.
  while you're at it, maybe support for environment variables in general?

4) something else I think of that I need for levitin's study

5) Some HID additions:

   Absolute trackpad finger position.  I think I've seen code for this
   in various forums, and we can get absolute cursor position, but just delta track pad.
   Possible multi-touch support as well.
   Fuller (native) support for graphics tablets

Update 2011-10-18

I think I've a lot of what youre looking for here already -- we had 12 magic trackpads going with up to 11 touches each in Slork last spring :) Check out:

This works in the SVN builds, including the one above. It requires a MacBook whose trackpad actually has multitouch support, or a Magic Trackpad.

Full/native tablet support is still in the speculative stages, but we can pursue this further if desired.

6) GreyHole

  (BlackHole that ticks at decimated rate, anything
  chucked to it only runs each N samples).  This would be hugely
  helpful for smoothing functions, doing lower rate signal processing,
  etc.  It could also really ease up processor use, as long as the underlying
  tree-traversal is efficient.  I've implemented it native by chucking for
  one sample and unchucking for N-1.  But it would be nice for a UG to
  take care of this automatically, and efficiently.

7) Chug-in (runtime) UG loading.

 I understand you've worked on this
  some already.

Update 2011-10-18

Right, I've already got together most of the stuff needed for this. I'd say try getting my Bitcrusher ugen chugin to work, and then use that as a framework to build whatever else you need.

To get it working:

 $ unzip
 $ cd Bitcrusher
 $ make -f makefile.osx
 $ sudo make -f makefile.osx install
 $ chuck

You should hear a delayed version of the adc/mic input thats been decimated and artificially quantized to a low bitrate sample-format.