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These following have been verified and will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Multiple Declarations

  • multiple declarations in single statement causes crashes/undefined behavior. Example:
   // bug: this causes bad things to happen
   int a, b;

Here is a workaround until the bug is fixed:

   // workaround
   int a; int b;

Sporking Non-static Member Functions

  • spork a non-static member function causes crashes/undefined behavior. Example:
   class X
       void fun foo() { <<< "hi" >>>; }
   X x;
   // bug: causes crash and undefined behavior
   spork ~;

Here is workaround, using a wrapper:

++/-- inline bugs

  • ++/-- causes incorrect behavior when used inline. Example:
   // bug
   i++ * y++ => z;

Workaround: split into multiple statements

Static class variable initialization

  • static class variables are initialized incorrectly. Example:
   class X
       // bug - this is not initialized
       static Object our_object;

Here is a workaround:

   class X
       // declare as reference
       static Object @ our_object;
   // initialize outside class
   new Object @=> X.our_object;

Extending Non-public classes to Public classes

  • this doesn't work:
   class myEvent extends Event
       int value;
   public class bla
       myEvent some_event;

Log/output not flushed on Windows XP

  • output are not flushed correctly on XP.