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Hopefully these will be fixed for the next release of ChucK

Please enter the bug as descriptively as possible, with the shortly code that shows the symptom. Examples can be found here.

  • Probable typos in the source discovered by Moudi while attempting to build a ASIO MiniAudicle as well as various other issues and potentially questionable bits;

[[1]] (Ah, I just noticed this is already in the works)

  • Full out crashage when defining a class within a class, maybe that should simply be illegal like defining a function within a function is? Info with example by Pablo;


  • (add your own)

Fixed in

  • Odd Envelope behaviour. Documentation and a suggested fix to be found here; [[3]]

Fixed in

  • Make sure members of classes get properly instantiated when the instances of the classes are implicidly defined in a array (as discussed on the list June10 to July7, found by Eduard) (ge: fixed and will be in
  • Arrays of Ugens over 10 locations long inside of classes will crash, like this; (ge: this should now work - part of the above fix)
// I picked this 10 at random, for length 5 it'll crash too
Foo x[10];
class Foo
    // at length 10 it'll run but this will crash(!!??)
    SndBuf array[11];

As posted to the list, July4(Kas.)

  • 1 => rhodey.noteOff (and the same for wurley) cause stuck-notes.(kas.) (ge: bug in ADSR from an earlier fix, oops. now fixed, hopefully and will be in
  • crash because of killing the parent-shred; (ge: bug in VM messaging not quite expected the remove to come from calling shred or his/her parent! fixed, and will be in => int my_id; fun void second_shred()

   second => now;

spork ~ second_shred(); hour => now;