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ChucK Wish List for New Release

  • Extend maybe to include possibly (25%) maybe (50%) & probably (75%) (from ChucK/Features/Main)
  • Make MIDI more friendly, using named functions instead of numbers like was done with the HID, as discussed (Kas).
  • Look into the current state of chuck --shell's code replacement and update functionality so that the (mini)Audicle can provide a graphical interface to this and we can update just a section of a shred, leaving the rest be, SC-style.(Kas)
  • FFT support
  • A way to record to one stereo file, as opposed to two mono ones(kas).
  • Merge ASIO into main build (and the mini, and the audicle....)(kas)
  • Controll for the volume of each of LiSa's voices, I believe Dan was going to do that but it can't hurt to repeat that I'd realy like it. (Kas)
  • enter text here, discuss directly on page here, thanks!