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ChucK Wish List for New Release

  • FFT support (ge: done and will be in
  • Complex Number support, or is this available now together with FFT support soon? (kijjaz) (ge: yes! done and will be in
  • Extend maybe to include possibly (25%) maybe (50%) & probably (75%) (from ChucK/Features/Main) (ge: interesting... is (maybe&&maybe) and (maybe||maybe) not expressive enough?) (I love those and will use them but I found that audiences think Maybe is funny so there is some merrit to these sugestions. Also; they can't hurt(Kas))
  • multiple public classes per file (Scott.Wheeler 10:29, 8 August 2007 (EDT)) (ge: there are plans to adopt a java-esque auto dependency finding system, and thus limiting things to a single public class per file. perhaps we should re-evaluate this?) (sounds good, why not share what the plans are at this point on the list so we can talk about those and see wether they cover everybody's needs? (Kas) )
  • Make MIDI more friendly, using named functions instead of numbers like was done with the HID, as discussed (Kas).

- perhaps this would also be a nice moment to add MIDI clock, this has been requested many times by many people.

  • Look into the current state of chuck --shell's code replacement and update functionality so that the (mini)Audicle can provide a graphical interface to this and we can update just a section of a shred, leaving the rest be, SC-style.(Kas)
  • A way to record to one stereo file, as opposed to two mono ones(kas).
  • Merge ASIO into main build (and the mini, and the audicle....)(kas)
  • Control for the volume of each of LiSa's voices, I believe Dan was going to do that but it can't hurt to repeat that I'd realy like it. (Kas)
  • Some way to poll the OS for the current time (of the day)(Kas).
  • A way to use Array of Float to store and manipulate digital sound signal easier..

(for example, copy-paste, loading-saving (like SndBuf and WvIn/WvOut), Reading-Writing (and interpolation) (kijjaz) (sounds a bit like a list to me, I'd like lists for that purpose but I have Prolog-induced brain damage(kas) )The more I think about this the more it apeals to me. How hard would it be to have a sort of SndBuf that gets asigned a list of floats to play/loop over while keeping that list editable? Alternately, can we overload to accept chucking arrays of floats directly to it, thus turning those into it's buffer?

  • More LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF filter types and configuration, I know this is going to be implemented soon anyway,

the vintage-sounding Moog low-pass filter (kijjaz)

  • Considder a non-0 default frequencey for Resonz as debated on the list on May22(Kas).
  • Data and Text file input/output (kijjaz) Yes! preferably in combination with string-management and the ability to load data types like arrays from files, this sounds complicated but it will open the door to things like machine-written scores and so on... (Kas)
  • Easier console communication methods (for example, more printing and input ways) (kijjaz)
  • Extend ZeroX to also behave as a event that can be chucked to now. This will enble us to perform operations such as gain changes glitch free without a expensive loop with a samp as it's controll-rate.(Kas)
  • Hid-out for force-feedback in joypads or simply blinking the num-lock/capslock/scrolllock lights to the beat; if we can borrow from Choo-Choo-Rocket we can borrow from Rez (Kas)
  • enter text here, discuss directly on page here, thanks!