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What sample programs would you like to see?
What sample programs would you like to see?
* Symphonic orchestra
* Symphonic orchestra
* Techno / Industrial  
* Techno / Industrial
== ChucK Editors ==
* ye [http://audicle.cs.princeton.edu Audicle], OpenGL ChucK IDE / Visualizer ( OS X, Windows )
* ye [http://audicle.cs.princeton.edu/mini/ MiniAudicle], lightweight Chuck IDE ( currently OS X only )
* [http://sirconical.co.uk/hippocamp/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4180 ChucK text editor] (XP) : Jon Fisher
* [http://www.brandmaier.de/index.php?id=16,80,0,0,1,0 ChucK Syntax Highlighting]: small syntax highlighting script for the JOE editor (available for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X): Andreas Brandmaier
* [[Smallest_ChucK_IDE_Ever]] : small python script to edit a chuck script using [http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html SciTE] and auto-rerun it when the file changes. : paniq
* [http://www.mikael.johanssons.org/chuck.el ChucK Emacs Mode] : A major mode for editing .ck files and for controlling a running ChucK process from Emacs : Mikael Johansson

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ChucK Programs

(share your programs here)


Standalone Programs

  • StereoChordEGG.ck : Simulation of Ancient Technology: jahbini
  • FractalMelody.ck : Recursive Chuck Program : Kristjan Varnik
  • ChucK/Bad_VOSIM.ck : quick and dirty vosim : no one
  • ivyTree.ck : generative, algorithmic program based on an extended metaphor of cell differentiation and plant growth : Matthew Shanley
  • Chord-o-matic.ck : any midi note turns into a minor or major chord : paniq

Multi-file Programs

  • ChucK 12-bar blues : A drum beat and a 12-bar blues standard : Rasmus Kaj
    • hihat.ck : the hihat program (with commented out syntax error) : Gary Williams
    • kick.ck : the kick drum program (with commented out syntax error) : Gary Williams
    • snare.ck : the snare drum program (with commetned out syntax error) : Gary Williams
    • baseloop.ck : the base loop program : Gary Williams
    • The current version of Frankenstein didn't allow dividing a float by a dur, so I just commented the divide op and substituted a simple assign, which may not be what Rasmus was aiming at -- I'm not sure it positions to the end of the sndbuf correctly. -- Gary
      • All I was aiming for is that the sound should not be heard when loading, but only when I "tell it to start". Maybe there is some better way of doing that? -- Rasmus
        • To not let sndbuf play until triggered, set .play or .rate to 0.0 (0.0 => s.rate) and set it to 1.0 when you want to start. -- Ge

Wish List

What sample programs would you like to see?

  • Symphonic orchestra
  • Techno / Industrial