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== Useful ChucK Components ==
== Useful ChucK Components ==
* [[ChucK/sequencer.ck]] : simple sequencer for building drum loops, etc. : Spencer Salazar
* [[ChucK/sequencer.ck|sequencer.ck]] : simple sequencer for building drum loops, etc. : Spencer Salazar

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ChucK Programs

  • This is THE centralized place to share your programs

You can uploading programs and images using this link:

To see the list of uploads:

Or, you may choose to make a new page containing the code, which you can link from this page like this:

  • ChucK/foo.ck : (enter description) : author
  • feel free put explanations on the code pages
  • note: In your code listings, remember to put a space before every line in the code, including empty lines - otherwise the wiki will render the code into multiple blocks. here is an example that works.
  • for a multi-part program, or for larger pieces, you may want to create a new page that describes the program/piece and links to the components. here is an example of a multi-part program page.

Standalone Programs

Multiple-component Programs

  • 12 bar blues : 12 Bar Blues standard : Rasmus Kaj + Gary Williams (2005)
  • Dinky : Dinky class/driver : Ge Wang (2005)

Complete Pieces

  • (add a few)

Useful ChucK Components

  • sequencer.ck : simple sequencer for building drum loops, etc. : Spencer Salazar

Wish List

What sample programs would you like to see?

  • Symphonic orchestra
  • Techno / Industrial

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