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ChucK Programs

  • This is the centralized place to share your programs

You can upload programs and images using this link:

  • Special:Upload upload your file. Warning: this only works for image files, not for .ck programs.

To see the list of uploads:

Or, you may choose to make a new page containing the code, which you can link from this page like this:

  • ChucK/ : (enter description) : author
  • feel free to put explanations on the code pages
  • note: In your code listings, remember to put a space before every line in the code, including empty lines - otherwise the wiki will render the code into multiple blocks. here is an example that works.
  • for a multi-part program, or for larger pieces, you may want to create a new page that describes the program/piece and links to the components. here is an example of a multi-part program page.

Standalone Programs

  • FractalMelody : Recursive Chuck Program : Kristjan Varnik (2004)
  • Bwv645 : from ChucKing_Scores : Pedro López-Cabanillas (2006)
  • Greensleeves : from ChucKing_Scores : Pedro López-Cabanillas (2006)
  • Anamag04 : from ChucKing_Scores : Pedro López-Cabanillas (2006)
  • ShakerCycle : fun noise with Shaker : --art (2006)
  • StereoChordEGG : Simulation of Ancient Technology: jahbini (2005)
  • Bad_VOSIM : quick and dirty vosim : no one (2004)
  • some examples from distrobution : team (current)
  • results : stacken ChucK competition (2004)
  • FM example : Basic FM "by-hand" example : Ge Wang (2004)
  • Ethereal : Generates crappy new age music (course assignment, not personal artistic statement!) : Graham Percival (2005)
  • SonOfEthereal : As a learning experiment; I took Graham's program and tried to add and change some various aspects of it. : T. Scott (2007)
  • Logistic Map sonification : Generates noise based on a fractaline mathematical object : Graham Percival (2006)
  • Shepard tones : Generates a shepard tone : Graham Percival (2006)
  • Canon in D : Famous Johann Pachelbel canon in D : Pedro López-Cabanillas (2007)
  • Simple Polyphonic MIDI: 10 tones of polyphonic MIDI awesomeness... using a very simple/straightforward method: drool (2007)
  • LiSa examples
  • Triangular Popcorn: A poor version of Popcorn in chuck. : Ryan Henszey (2007)
  • Metronome: A simple metronome for miniAudicle : Jascha Narveson (2007)
  • MAUWii: Maps Wii data onto sliders : Jascha Narveson (2007)
  • Multi-channel Chuck composition : Example composition (data files required) that builds multi-channel sound in Chuck. The piece is a series of engine (e.g. lawnmower, leafblower...) drones: jeff smith (2007).
  • 2D Linear Dynamical System with the two variables mapped to frequencies of sin oscillators. Change the A matrix for different systems : Watson (2008)
  • Modedular: class for musical modes and operations - Build, acquire notes/chords from, and rotate musical modes. by kijjaz (2008) - still a testing version.
  • Drum Patterns generation algorithm alpha : Ruslan Prokopchuk (2008)
  • Chuck-iControl A chuck script to map the midievents generated from an iControl controller board to osc, by Nikolaus Gradwohl (2008)
  • ChuckWiimote A ChucK interface to Wiimote (+ Nunchuk) using the DarwiinRemoteOSC handler.

Multiple-component Programs

  • 12 bar blues : 12 Bar Blues standard : Rasmus Kaj + Gary Williams (2005)
  • Dinky : Dinky class/driver : Ge Wang (2005)

Code for Complete Pieces

  • (add a few)

Useful ChucK Components

Wish List

What sample programs would you like to see?

  • Symphonic orchestra
  • Techno / Industrial

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