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ChucK Programs

This is THE place to share your programs.

You can add your programs by uploading your .ck file using this link:

Or, you may choose to make a new link, like so, and then click on it when you are done editing and you will be linked to a blank page where you can drop in code.

If you would like to add pictures you can use this link:

NOTE: In your code listings if you have a blank line with no spaces (when you are leaving white space to separate parts of your program) the WIKI will use separate boxes and it will look very bad. Just go to all the blank lines and put in a space. This is easy to do with a powerful text editor like Emacs or Vi.

Related Links

Standalone Programs

  • : Simulation of Ancient Technology: jahbini
  • : Recursive Chuck Program : Kristjan Varnik
  • ChucK/ : quick and dirty vosim : no one
  • : generative, algorithmic program based on an extended metaphor of cell differentiation and plant growth : Matthew Shanley
  • : any midi note turns into a minor or major chord : paniq

Larger pieces

  • ChucK 12-bar blues : A drum beat and a 12-bar blues standard : Rasmus Kaj
    • : the hihat program (with commented out syntax error) : Gary Williams
    • : the kick drum program (with commented out syntax error) : Gary Williams
    • : the snare drum program (with commetned out syntax error) : Gary Williams
    • : the base loop program : Gary Williams
    • The current version of Frankenstein didn't allow dividing a float by a dur, so I just commented the divide op and substituted a simple assign, which may not be what Rasmus was aiming at -- I'm not sure it positions to the end of the sndbuf correctly. -- Gary
      • All I was aiming for is that the sound should not be heard when loading, but only when I "tell it to start". Maybe there is some better way of doing that? -- Rasmus
        • To not let sndbuf play until triggered, set .play or .rate to 0.0 (0.0 => s.rate) and set it to 1.0 when you want to start. -- Ge

Wish List

What sample programs would you like to see?

  • Symphonic orchestra
  • Techno / Industrial