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Some ChucK projects in progress... please add your own.

  • ChucK is being use to for teaching and performance in plork - Princeton Laptop Orchestra.
    • watch/listen to debut concert here
  • Gary Williams has started a blog Beginning ChucK to promote learning and documentation of ChucK.
  • Joe McMahon is writing an OS X application using ChucK, Applescript Studio, and Perl to play and record the chimes [1] from the Clock of the Long Now[2]. First version is available at the EMUSIC-L site.
  • Robin Davies is writing useful extension UGens. Current plans: band-limited oscillators, and VST hosting. Once Chuck's support for external DLLs is resurrected, these extensions will be posted publicly.
  • Ollie Glass is developing an artificially intelligent drum machine using ChucK. Breakage uses Java with ChucK as an underlying sequencer engine for stable timing, communicating via OSC.