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ChucK Sounds

(share your sounds/pieces here) use any format (mp3, wav, .ck)


from examples/

I would prefer Ogg/Vorbis files :-) --Oliver Oli 08:53, 27 Oct 2004 (EDT)

  > chuck -5 band-o-matic
  > chuck mand-o-matic
  > chuck moe++ larry++ curly++
  > chuck voic-o-form
  > chuck rhodey voic-o-form shake-o-matic
  made with on-the-fly programming, using pwm, dope, powerup, band-o-matic, wind2
  • wurley-o-matic.mp3 - FM (Wurley) + Modal Synthesis, a clash of sadness and dash of happiness.
  > chuck wurley mode-o-matic

More compositions

  • djembe.mp3 - Doumbek drum samples, ethiopian scales and random tune. (Mikael Johansson)
  • Sample output from (uses an adapted version of Super Locrian Bells)