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* [http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~kcfelix Kao Félix] A Computer Science Undergrad that accidentally bumped into ChucK and liked it.
* [http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~kcfelix Kao Félix] A Computer Science Undergrad that accidentally bumped into ChucK and liked it.
* Derek Am I me? perhaps ChucK will help me to find out.
* Derek Am I me? perhaps ChucK will help me to find out.
* [http://lowbroweye.com Anthony Bowyer-Lowe] loves ChucK's capaciyy for rapid sonic prototyping and hacking.

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ChucK Users Nonymous

(add yourself)

  • Marc V: (1/26/09) I learned about this from the apple website. [1] I have been looking for something like this or have been wanting to make something like this for about 5-7 years since I am a musician, and an IT person. Thank you for doing it for me.
  • Gabriel Garrod I'm new to Chuck very interested in learning and master this language..
  • Jacob Hickey (thaum) ChucK is the music-centered language that I always hoped would allow my coding to make up for my utter lack of musical talent.
  • JoaquinLana.Hello... I'm a noisy ChucK user!
  • Loscha ChucK is my dream language. I'm already making musically useful, and fun things, and I've only been on it for a few days. Been spreading the word hi and low, got it posted on Matrixsynth which has introduced it to a lot of people.
  • Sean Waite: Using ChucK for the first time! Great fun!
  • kruhft - music, art, code.
  • joerg piringer : yes, i'm chucking.
  • t3tsu0 - A computer, ChucK => MUSIC! There´s no better .mix :-)
  • EVERAMZAH: new toy, real-time, on-the-fly programming of audio stream? HELL YES!
  • Vamshi: Ok I confess! I use ChucK too.
  • Nobody : I use ChucK regularly.
  • Rob Hamilton: hola mes amis
  • Adam R. Tindale (--art): you know I use ChucK.
  • wes : but will it do my laundry? (yes wes, but your computer will explode in the process)
  • Ge : I am also me.
  • Perry : I am me.
  • Phil : am i?
  • Ajay : I am me 3.
  • Ananya : I may be me...
  • Mikael Johansson: Found ChucK after drooling over feedback.pl. Now drooling over ChucK.
  • Marcus Wrangö : Both Audicle and miniAudicle are amazing I/Fs to ChucK!
  • JC : ChucK is it.
  • My name is Oli... Oliver Oli
  • j.c.w.: i just found ChucK and am happy to have a new toy. Thanks!
  • Staffan Liljegren looking for realtime synthesis toys which I can use anywhere. Used SC2 5 years ago and ChucK seems promising
  • Eric Gilbert : I found ChucK and I'm thinking about pitching in on development.
  • Macciza Macpherson : Had to upgrade my Mac but it's worth it.
  • Gary Williams : It looks interesting -- anybody got tips about running it under Windows XP? -- I've started a blog Beginning ChucK to exchange info and articles about learning ChucK
  • jimmak: First time user, long time listener.
  • Ed Borasky: http://www.algocompsynth.com/
  • Paul Maddox, new user, mad-keen on developing new 'sounds', ChucK looks/sounds like the perfect tool! (http://www.Modulus-music.com, http://www.synth.net)
  • erik schoster : just getting started with chuck.
  • i_vj && r_DJ
  • usr: haven't tried ChucK yet, just found it on wikipedia and the feature set sounds exactly like a thing i've been wanting to write (or even better: download from the internet) for at least one year now. i am very excited about this.
  • Rasmus Kaj, programmer who likes to play with sound and music, from the computer club Stacken.
  • jesus gollonet: another one getting started.
  • paniq: you did not see me here.
  • nicolas: A big thank you for so generously donating ChucK to the world. I have just got it hooked up and am having so much fun with long looping delays.
  • jahbini at romantictrances.com: Lifelong fascination with music + computers, but can barely play the radio. Mostly a language guy.
  • michael breitenbach www.michaelbreitenbach.de/
  • Michael J McGonagle; Varese, Xenakis, Nancarrow, Stockhausen - Chaos Theory
  • w31rd0 @RU.Ekb; getting started =)
  • mo ownby (michael_ownby@yahoo.com)
  • Quinton Harris THIS IS AWESOME
  • Anthony Markel - After mucking about with trying to write my own audio programs, THIS is the language I was looking for. It's like finding that word you always wanted to use, but never knew existed...
  • soundvisionz - I am an electronic artists and software developer that focuses on experimental music. I am currently experimenting in forming what I like to call "Signal Intelligence", similar to SETI projects. I use ChucK now for nearly all my experiments.
  • Kassen: I think I'm hooked.
  • ucanca: very impressed by ChucK, both as a computer music compositional tool and as a great piece of software (and for once, fully supported on Windows!!!!). Long live ChucK!
  • emoc: débutant avec ChucK, j'ai traduit en français deux tutoriels pour Chuck : installation et premier script avec ChucK.
  • Vijay: Moi aussi. ChucK is great.
  • DanMagnuszewski: I'm a Perl ChucKer!
  • Scot Gresham-Lancaster: Chuck on ... up with Chuck
  • Ollie Glass: Java <-OSC-> ChucK -> audio / MIDI. ChucK is my Java sound engine!
  • Jacob Barton: too many irons in the fire spoil the pot and make Jack a dull boy.
  • got a new toy => tasmo
  • sky => ChucK!
  • spencer soundlab lackey
  • Kevin Sullivan I'm a faculty member in computer science. My research is in software design. In Fall 2006 I'm teaching a 101 (entry-level undergraduate course). I'm looking at ChucK as an example to help attract and retain diverse students to the field.
  • Kijjaz now very happy with computer music & music synthesis. quite a newbie in the field. mainly finding more synthesis friends in Bangkok, Thailand. normally a composer (pop, rock, jazz, fusion) and a jazz improviser. now trying to incoporate ChucK and Puredata in composition, sound design, and live concert. talk to me any time, and thanks to this active, lovely and powerful community.
  • WvS - Interested in knowledge base/intelligent agent design for agent based computer music improvisation as well as algorithmic composition and Noise sound structures. Evaluating ChucK for this purpose amongst other ideas. Also interested in getting Chuck to run on FreeBSD... others may be who they are: I WvS am.
  • Adam Litterman: Princeton student interested in writing music synthesizers and other stuff like that
  • Utenzil Performs/records laptop-based electronic music, primary DAW software is Ableton Live. Dabbling with ChucK, right off it is fun for creating loops at the very least, later potentially for much more. Also interesting for HID-based synth control.
  • Cesare Marilungo uses ChucK too.
  • tim p scott "I am intrigued and wish to subscribe to your newsletter..." investigating Pd, Csound, and other tools I saw a mention of ChucK in the Ableton Live forum. This is pretty exciting...for my feeling on the matter, see Mr Markel's comment above...
  • ken restivo: playing with ChucK on Linux with JACK. Trying to add MIDI control to the STK instruments, and will be playing with some algorithmic/generative composition too.
  • Gunslinger Dit Just got ChucKed last night. This thing is brilliant. Gotta try compose some stuff soon.
  • Les Hall engineer/inventor with no music background. Having a great time learning and creating with ChucK!
  • Rogan: Used to use csound, looking forward to doing live compositions.
  • Michael Nardell: Having a good time learning ChucK; some of ChucK's apparent limitations turn into opportunities to rethink basic CS ideas in the context of "on-the-fly-programming" and concurancy.
  • Giorgos Stefanou => Composer of electroacoustic music from Greece.
  • Jacob Joaquin "I don't rock."
  • Jeff Rose is chucking up some ominous bows in Switzerland
  • Joe McMahon is working on OSC-based interfacing to Cocoa for ChucK.
  • Steve Feller says converting motion to music will change the world!
  • Rebecca Fiebrink loves to upchuck, smirk, smelt, and teach, often all at the same time.
  • Craque
  • Robert Poor - ex-CCRMA-ite, asked to make odd noises in a friend's band. What better tool than Chuck?
  • Stefan Blixt - a computer programmer with music as a hobby - playing guitars, keyboard, programming synthesizers. I use ChucK for hacking up samples and generating MIDI events, usually controlled by my precious monome 256. I go by the username Antimon at electro-music.com, where I love to hang out, listening and occasionally (I hope) contributing to its collective wisdom.
  • Stephen Beck teaches computer music and digital media at Louisiana State University's Center for Computation and Technology.
  • Kao Félix A Computer Science Undergrad that accidentally bumped into ChucK and liked it.
  • Derek Am I me? perhaps ChucK will help me to find out.
  • Anthony Bowyer-Lowe loves ChucK's capaciyy for rapid sonic prototyping and hacking.