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ChucK Users Nonymous

(add yourself)

  • EVERAMZAH: new toy, real-time, on-the-fly programming of audio stream? HELL YES!
  • Vamshi: Ok I confess! I use ChucK too.
  • Nobody : I use ChucK regularly.
  • Adam R. Tindale (--art): you know I use ChucK.
  • Ge : I am also me.
  • Perry : I am me.
  • Phil : am i?
  • Ajay : I am me 3.
  • Mikael Johansson: Found ChucK after drooling over Now drooling over ChucK.
  • Marcus Wrangö : Just entered the world of ChucK, I'm Happy!
  • JC : ChucK is it.
  • Oliver Oli : waiting for OpenSound Control :-)
  • j.c.w.: i just found ChucK and am happy to have a new toy. Thanks!
  • Staffan Liljegren looking for realtime synthesis toys which I can use anywhere. Used SC2 5 years ago and ChucK seems promising
  • Eric Gilbert : I found ChucK and I'm thinking about pitching in on development.
  • Macciza Macpherson : Had to upgrade my Mac but it's worth it.
  • Gary Williams : It looks interesting -- anybody got tips about running it under Windows XP? -- I've started a blog Beginning ChucK to exchange info and articles about learning ChucK
  • jimmak: First time user, long time listener.
  • Ed Borasky:
  • Paul Maddox, new user, mad-keen on developing new 'sounds', ChucK looks/sounds like the perfect tool! (,
  • erik schoster : just getting started with chuck.
  • i_vj && r_DJ
  • usr: haven't tried ChucK yet, just found it on wikipedia and the feature set sounds exactly like a thing i've been wanting to write (or even better: download from the internet) for at least one year now. i am very excited about this.
  • Rasmus Kaj, programmer who likes to play with sound and music, from the computer club Stacken.
  • jesus gollonet: another one getting started.
  • paniq: you did not see me here.
  • nicolas: A big thank you for so generously donating ChucK to the world. I have just got it hooked up and am having so much fun with long looping delays.
  • jahbini at Lifelong fascination with music + computers, but can barely play the radio. Mostly a language guy.
  • michael breitenbach
  • Michael J McGonagle; Varese, Xenakis, Nancarrow, Stockhausen - Chaos Theory
  • w31rd0 @RU.Ekb; getting started =)

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