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Bounding box Label

  • Annotation file format:
 Img_W Img_H xmin xmax ymin ymax
  • What we have collected:
 swivel chair
 electric organ
  • What we plan to collect:
 "device" and "equipment" of instrumentality (instrumentation), like computer, mouse, stapler, ...
  • Problems of Current Approach
  1. some images are too large to be displayed within the screen, so have bad annotation.
  2. the "null" string in result should be replaced by -1 -1 -1 -1
  3. the following plot is that, if each image has a certain number of annotations (x axis), how many images can be inferred a true bounding box.

Valid img ratio with respect to num of annotation.png Attach:valid_img_ratio_with_respect_to_num_of_annotation.png

By the plot, we suggest using 6 annotations for each image to label.

  • Change random display of images to sequentially presenting a list of images to workers. Store a local counter in a text file or database.

-Need to consider keep using text files or switching to database

View Point Label

  • Ask labelers to do a selection with each branch to be a thumbnail of a frame sampled from video sequences.

We plan to sample those frames with equally distributed angles.