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//Polyphony the easy way.... the example program seemed to be high in resource usage and would glitch and cut out after playing for just a bit... so I made this.
//You can increase the possible number of tones by changing the values in the arrays and one of the if statements... I figured 10 might be a good number to start   
//with though.
//by drool
//Do what you will with it.

//this is the device number for your midi controller
0 => int device;

// a MidiIn event!	
MidiIn min;
// the message for retrieving data
MidiMsg msg;

Rhodey synth[10];    //an array of synths for up to 10 tones... 
int id[10];          //an array to hold the note numbers so that we can match them up with the off signal
int  counter;        //this is to cycle through the arrays looking for a position where a key isn't pressed
min.open( device );  // open your midi keyboard...

while( true ){
   // wait on your midi event
   min => now;
	//this processes the keypresses
  while( min.recv( msg ) ){
     if( msg.data1 == 144){ //note on?
	  	0=> counter;         //initialize the counter
	  	while(id[counter]!=0&&counter<10) //this looks for an empty position in the counter
	    msg.data2=>id[counter]; //puts the midi key number into the id array
	    msg.data3,counter);  }// ON!
	  if( msg.data1 == 128){//note off?


 	  while(id[counter]!=msg.data2)//looks for the counter position of the note that turned off
	  OFF(counter);        //OFF!!!!!
     0=>id[counter];   }  //changes the id of the note just turned off to zero for re-use

public void ON(int note, int velocity, int ham){
	synth[ham]=>dac;                        //connects the 10 synths to the dac as needed... they are never disconected...
	Std.mtof( note ) => synth[ham].freq;    //changes the midi note to a frequency
   velocity / 128.0 => synth[ham].noteOn;	//put some fancy velocity algorithms here

public void OFF( int cheese){
	0=>synth[cheese].noteOn;  //noteOff doesn't appear to do anything

//Put some fancy envelopes here