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This document is meant to organize answers to common task oriented problems, thereby saving Szymon some time. Feel free to add your own questions and solutions.

Making Movies

  • How do I export a good quality, small size movie from Premiere?

Making Models

  • I need a very simple shape. How do I make it?
  • Do we (Princeton Graphics Group) have good models lying around?
  • Where can I find good models on the internet?
  • How can I get models from Sketchup to a format I can use?

Mesh Processing

  • How do I subdivide a mesh?
  • How do I smooth a mesh?
  • How do I remesh (retriangulate, reparameterize) a mesh?
  • How do I decimate a mesh?
  • How can I convert from format X to format Y?
  • My mesh has holes. How can I fix it?

Qt Related

  • What magic environment variables do I need to make Qt work?
  • How can I set up the Qt Windows Open Source version to work with Visual Studio?