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What is it?

My final project is a Charakterstück composition, or a character piece. Titled, Douze heures d'une journee, French for "twelve hours of a day," the composition is a musical representation of morning, afternoon, and evening. The piece is broken up into 3 movements: 6am-12pm, 12pm-6pm, and 6pm-12am, each with its own character, rhythm, and harmonic contour.

Try listening to the composition with your eyes closed and let the music walk you through a day from sunrise to sunset.

Where can I download it? — Right click and save file

Equipment used

  • Pro Tools 7.4
  • Reason 4.0
  • Fruity Loops 7.0
  • Handheld recorder and various samples


I was heavily inspired by Pierre Boulez and Paul Lansky, Gods of composition.