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(Brenda Jin's Final Project: Pong and Teenage Angst)
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== Brenda Jin's Final Project: Pong and Teenage Angst ==
=== The Angst ===
For this project, I wanted to experiment with Processing and making a GUI. I thought I'd try something new and challenging (for me) by creating a soundscape around the themes "teenage angst" and "pong". This is no ordinary game of pong. The entire visual and audio experience is designed to return you to a time between childhood and adulthood, a time of insecurity and misery... that is, if you've grown out of it already. If you haven't left that stage yet, it might remind you of your life as it is.
=== Gameplay ===
Use the mouse to move the paddle up and down. You only have one life. The game lasts as long as you want it to. Try to stay alive.
=== The Sound ===
Samples are activated when the ball either bounces off an object or flies through an object.
=== The Code ===
You need to have MiniAudicle and Processing installed before beginning.
Download the code here:
==== Just another way to feel uncomfortable: instructions for using and playing a game that can only end in one way (sudden death) ====
1. Download the code<BR>
2. Make sure your MiniAudicle directory (in Preferences) is set to the "Brendaj_Final_sounds" folder <BR>
3. Run "adder.ck" in the "Brendaj_Final_sounds" folder <BR>
4. Run Brendaj_final_GUI.pde in the "Brendaj_final_GUI" folder <BR>
5. Try to stay alive
=== Credits ===
Special thanks to everyone who helped me with this project:
Rebecca, who put up with me at office hours every week <BR>
Ben, who answered all my emails and helped me with Processing <BR>
Abba, voice actor <BR>
Shoshana, voice actress

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