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What is it?

This project attempts to simulate a six string guitar using the audio synthesis methods described by Karplus and Strong in 1983, as well as Charlie Sullivan in 1990. The project code is written for the ChucK software package.

Where can I download it?

How do I use it?

In order to run the simulator, type: chuck

To control the simulator, the following keyboard shortcuts are provided:

a-zA-Z: load a chord preset
0-9: pluck individual strings SPACE: strum the guitar -+: change amplitude of strumming TAB: toggle chorus effect ~: start wah-wah effect ESC: toggle amplifier feedback BACKSPACE: toggle fuzz effect (warning: this effect increases volume) \: toggle reverberation MOUSE: whammy bar

The file can be editted to add additional chords. There is space for 66 different chord presets. Each chord preset consists of an array of 6 numbers, one for each guitar string. These values correspond to the fret where the string would be held down. A value of 0 indicates an open string, and a value of -1 indicates that the string should not be strummed as part of the chord.