Lizzies Puzzle

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Puzzle Boat



  1. American Eagle X
  2. Black Death X
  3. Blow Hard X
  4. Boot Black X
  5. Loud Speaker
  6. Cooking Oil X
  7. Court Ship X
  8. Dead Head X
  9. Death Blow X
  10. Ear Ring X
  11. Fitting Room X
  12. Free Trade X
  13. Half Rest X
  14. Hard Tack X
  15. Head Stone X
  16. Home Cooking X
  17. Folk dance instrument
  18. K Tel X
  19. Night Court X
  20. North American X
  21. The Mister or Mrs.
  22. Religious patent or charter
  23. Play Dead X
  24. Pipe Fitting X
  25. Raw Sugar X
  26. Rest Home X
  27. Ring True X
  28. Search Engine X
  29. Secret Agent X
  30. Shape Up X
  31. Ship Shape X
  32. Special K X
  33. Star Search X
  34. Stone Cold X
  35. Sugar Free X
  36. Tel Star X
  37. Trade Secret X
  38. True North X
  39. Present with restraint
  40. Up Root X


Oklahoma Boot Black Death Blow Hard Tack
Indiana 5 B H Pipe Fitting Room
Arkansas Special K Tel Star Search Engine
Massachusetts Ear Ring True North American Eagle
Florida 5 Play Dead H ead Stone Cold
Nevada Raw Sugar Free Trade Secret Agent
Utah 5 Half Rest H ome Cooking Oil
West Virginia Night Court Ship Shape Up Root