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* 10 November 2006
* 10 November 2006
** "Leader": Jordan
** "Leader": Jordan
** Paper: [http://www.vinartus.net/spa/03c-v7.pdf Understanding the Yarowsky Algorithm]
** Paper: [http://www.vinartus.net/spa/03c-v7.pdf Understanding the Yarowsky Algorithm] Abney, S. 2004. Understanding the Yarowsky Algorithm. Comput. Linguist. 30, 3 (Sep. 2004), 365-395.
** Background:  [http://acl.ldc.upenn.edu/P/P95/P95-1026.pdf The original paper]
** Background:  [http://acl.ldc.upenn.edu/P/P95/P95-1026.pdf The original paper] Yarowsky, D. 1995. Unsupervised word sense disambiguation rivaling supervised methods. In Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Meeting on Association For Computational Linguistics (Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 26 - 30, 1995). Annual Meeting of the ACL. Association for Computational Linguistics, Morristown, NJ, 189-196.
** Background:  [http://http://www.up.univ-mrs.fr/veronis/pdf/1998wsd.pdf A good overview of the problem area]
** Background:  [http://http://www.up.univ-mrs.fr/veronis/pdf/1998wsd.pdf A good overview of the problem area] Ide, N. and Véronis, J. 1998. Introduction to the special issue on word sense disambiguation: the state of the art. Comput. Linguist. 24, 1 (Mar. 1998), 2-40.
* 17 November 2006
* 17 November 2006
** Leader:
** Leader:

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Machine Learning Reading Group

Welcome to the wiki of the machine learning reading group.

Mailing list

We maintain an announcement/discussion list for the reading group. You may sign up for the list here.


Our weekly meetings are Fridays, 3pm to 5pm, in CS 402.

Scheduled readings:

Proposed Topics and Papers

Please add further topics, suggest papers for particular topics, etc. here.


(Participants, please add your name to the list below.)


  • David Blei
  • Rob Schapire


  • Florian Markowetz, LSI


  • Zafer Barutcuoglu, CS
  • Jordan Boyd-Graber, CS
  • Joseph Calandrino, CS
  • Miroslav Dudik, CS
  • Rebecca Fiebrink, CS
  • Berk Kapicioglu, CS
  • Umar Syed, CS