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General Information

Welcome to the wiki home of the unofficial 2009 music & machine learning workshop. Who knows what will become of this page?


  • Rebecca Fiebrink, organizer
  • Dan Trueman
  • Anne Hege
  • Cameron Britt
  • Michelle Nagai
  • Konrad Kaczmarek
  • MR Daniel

Stuff we want to try out

  • pitch tracking
  • percussion gesture identification
  • general new instrument building (mapping)
  • add your request to this list!

Stuff we want to find out more about

  • Add your request to this list. For example, history of learning in NIME/ICMC/ISIMR; details of how one or more algorithms actually work; ??

Bugs / Feature requests

  • Add to this list

General topics for conversation

  •  ?


  • October 5, 2:30pm
    • Discuss goals for the semester
    • Possible outcomes:
      • Conference or journal publication
      • Compositions to be performed by ourselves, with PLOrk in Spring, other?
      • Community software repository: general tools for Wekinator, and/or specific to our compositions/interfaces
    • Scheduling - let's do every week for now, as long as people can make it
    • Possible papers to read together?
    • Things we want Rebecca or someone else to lecture on?
  • October 12, 2:30pm
    • Trying out some wekination