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[[Image:CS west wall.jpg|left|thumb|Computer Science Building]]
[[Image:CS west wall.jpg|left|Computer Science Building]]

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Welcome to CSWiki, the Princeton University Computer Science Wiki

Started in 2005, there are currently 556 entries.

Please Note: As of Sep 29, 2009, we are disallowing the creation of new accounts, which are required for editing and creating pages. If you need an account and have a CS NetID, please send email to CS Staff. If you do not have a CS NetID, please request someone who does send the request on your behalf.

This wiki exists as an experiment to see how it can be used for interaction and collaboration in an academic context (see here). CS community members are to feel free to create pages and experiment (non-CS community members see above). Please note that anything you post here is subject to editing by fellow users!

Have fun!

Please! Do all of your testing in the sandbox! Thanks!

Computer Science Building

Table of Contents[1]



Older Research:

  • ChucK: audio programming language
  • PARSEC: Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computers
  • PLOrk: Princeton Laptop Orchestra
  • Tapestrea: sound design environment
  • MinSim: Agent-based simulation of a minimal economy


1: Not really a table of contents because a wiki doesn't have a single hierarchical layout. Pages can be organized into namespaces, folders, and Categories. For an index by namespace and page title, use this page.