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Michael's Final Project


The Chaotic Setup

Earlier this semester, I saw the band Atlas Sound perform at Terrace. Atlas Sound is the solo project of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, and at this particular show, Bradford played without his backing band. Yet despite being limited to four appendages, he was able to create some very beautiful music. For the majority of the performance, he remained crouched over an array of effects pedals, only occasionally turning away to sing or strum his guitar.

This show inspired me to challenge myself as a performer, and so for my final I wrote a solo piece for voice, acoustic guitar, and laptop to be performed by myself. Everything is running through Ableton Live, and I used a Trigger Finger to launch clips with my feet (I tried setting up a MIDI foot pedal board, but I think it was too old for Ableton). Almost all of the sonic elements (aside from the drums and voice) originate from different guitar sounds. For example, the synth-sounding instrument, is Ableton Live's Simpler instrument loaded with some recordings of guitar harmonics I made. Also, the high pitched electric guitar loops heard in the middle section were originally created using my JP software (LiLo), but I loaded them into Live to make the whole thing instantaneously reproducible.

Eventually, if all goes according to plan, I'll play this at ffmup.


Here is a live recording (no overdubs!) of my performance. This was the 4th or 5th take I think.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Michael Hammond
Princeton University, Class of 2009