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Main Idea

Under construction -- more to follow as I think of it, comments welcome!

I'm intrigued by the idea of doing something with So + PLOrk (and possibly Matmos if it seems to make sense).

Possible features:

  • PLOrk stations (of indefinite #?) divided into two groups?
    • One group using 'unpitched' samples (selected by the PLOrkers?)
    • The other group using pitched samples (selected by the PLOrkers?) or maybe synthesized sounds
    • Groups relatively autonomous from each other, but interactive between the groups (interactive via GUI, or just sharp ears?)
  • Live sampling of So
    • One or both of the PLOrk groups' samples could be obtained from this.
    • Is this a pain in the behind logistically?
  • As suggested by our discussion in the first week of seminar, Dan's wacky metronome, and some features of Jascha's proposal:
    • Flexibility of rhythm. A slightly hiccup-y, broken metronome to guide the PLOrkers?
    • (Semi-)Independence of So from the PLOrk group's metronome? So more atmospheric, PLOrk more rhythmically active, for example, or vice-versa?
  • I'm game for trying a collaborative project if any of this resonates with anyone.
  • I imagine trying this in ChucK and doing something with Processing for the interface, but not sure yet.


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