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This page will detail work done in Agent-Based simulation of a minimal economy (MinSim) at Princeton University and links to research being done elsewhere.

This page will be under constant construction during the Fall 2008-2009 term. Please come back soon for updates.


Work by Steiglitz

Links to Chris Chan's papers on MinSim:

Papers on economic Agent-Based simulation

Meeting Agendas/Tasks for Next Meeting

09/29/08 For next week:

  • Look up information on Aspen project/failure(?) (starting point: Aspen
  • Look at Chris's software and start trying to see if real-life economic problems are reproduced in the simulation.

Possible topics:

    • Tariffs, international trade
    • Specialization of labor, Adam Smith
    • Maximizing revenue of entrepreneurs vs total country revenue
    • Stagflation, Philip's curve
  • Post summaries of articles up on the wiki
    • Sign up for the wiki
    • Edit the section


  • Look at the household model and formulate ways to improve Chris's model