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Report all fishiness here:

Mac OS X version BUGS

Linux version BUGS

  • when you try to close a file and there is more than one file open, there is a segfault.
    • can someone post a stack trace of this?
  • ctrl-x doesn't work, should be better to use ctrl-o for "open file". [fixed in CVS]
  • miniAudicle freezes when trying to start virtual machine while jack running even it was compiled with 'make linux-jack' but runs back when jack stops

Windows version BUGS

  • Process remains in memory after the main window is closed. Even if no shreds were run and VM was not started. If there were any running shreds they keep producing sound after the window is closed.
  • CTRL + x is bound to "open file" while it refers to "cut selected text" in all other editors. This is confusing. fixed in CVS
  • the terminal keyboard seem unable to send keystrokes to the VM. Perhaps highlighting the "console monitor" should asign the keyboard to the VM? (Kas.)
    • Good Idea. Currently you can send keyboard input to the VM by running miniAudicle from the command line, but clearly an integrated solution is more desirable (HidIn keyboard input still works without the command line, though) (Spencer)