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  • Q: I think the default Add/Remove/Replace icons are ugly. What do I do?
  • A: On OS X, right click (or control click), and select "Show Package Contents". Open up "Contents", then "Resources". You should see several files, including "add.tiff", "remove.tiff", "replace.tiff", "removeall.tiff", and "removelast.tiff". If you replace these files with new ones with the same names, they will show up as the new icons for on-the-fly commands in miniAudicle. Note that the icons will be scaled down to 32x32 pixels.

If you use Windows or Linux, you have to edit wxw/{add,remove,replace}.xpm in a program that supports XPM files (such as GIMP), scale them down to 32x32 pixels, and recompile.

  • Q: How do I use keyboard input with miniAudicle? The console monitor doesn't seem to accept keyboard input.
  • A: Presently, to use keyboard input through KBHit, you must start miniAudicle from a command line prompt, and use that prompt for input. Alternative, integrated solutions are forthcoming. The HidIn object still works for keyboard input.