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Shred Groups

  • A shred group is a collection of chuck programs that are added, removed, and replaced together, simultaneously
  • On add/replace, each program in the shred group is first compiled, then each compiled program is added/replaced
    • If any shred fails compilation, compilation will continue, but the add/replace will be skipped. The compilation error(s) will be reported on the console monitor and appropriate document windows
  • A replace that occurs when one or more of the shreds to be replaced is not running in the VM will add that shred
  • The shred group add/replace/remove history is independent from miniAudicle's per-document add/remove/replace history
  • shred groups are presented visually through a shred group list
  • through the shred group list, groups can be added/removed/replaced
  • A shred group is created from a key command, menu item, or context menu. They can be saved and reopened; by default all shred groups that have been created or opened in the current miniAudicle session are saved in the shred group list