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[[checkout our codes]]
[[checkout our codes]]
mkdir ''yourdir''
svn checkout file:///n/fs/officerec/SVNREP/ICCV09/ ''yourdir''
[[linux tips]]
[[linux tips]]

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checkout our codes

linux tips

  • Changing Default permissions when creating a new directory

umask u=rwx,g=rwx,o=

  • Set default group

newgrp groupname

 Remark: this command will start a nested shell. If you want to use the command in a startup script like in .bashrc, to avoid
 infinite loop, you should put it in an "if" expression like this: 
 if [ `id -gn` != "object3d" ] 
   newgrp object3d
  • Change default shell

chsh -s /bin/bash haosu

  • I/O Redirection

if you want to redirect both standard out and standard error, you can use: 1>out 2>&1, where out is a filename, 1 stands for STDOUT, and 2 for STDERR

python tips

matlab tips

useful tools Chirstophor Lampert's Efficient Sliding Window Codes

project work flow