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(Rebecca's Final Project)
(Brittany's Final Project)
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== Brittany's Final Project ==
== Brittany's Final Project ==
=== This is a subsection ===
=== This is a subsection ===

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Brittany's Final Project

This is a subsection

With some text.

  • And some bullet points
  • Here's another

This is another subsection

with a link off the wiki

and a link on the wiki

What to include on your project page

  • A description of your project
  • Your code
    • If it's short, you can make a new page for it like this one
    • Or, if there's a lot of it, put it in a .zip file so that people can upload it.
  • Instructions on how to run your code
  • A sound or video recording of your piece. Going lo-fi and using built-in webcam from another laptop (e.g. PLOrk machine in studio B) is fine. But for audio, if you're using chuck, best to use rec.ck for writing chuck's output directly to a file.
    • See directions above on putting it on your network drive and linking to it