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Julianne's Final Project

Under construction...


This semester, my computer has been through more abuse than it has ever experienced. Smacking, yelling, shaking, twisting, etc. It's not surprising that my "instrument" has become a very angry, rebelling computer.

A low C drones in the background, while a pitch an octave above also drones (but can be altered on the keyboard)

Words (thanks to text-to-speech) are mapped to rows on the keyboard roughly based on their "part of speech." They are heard simultaneously with a voicform stk instrument also assigned to the word's basic phoneme using different pitches in the key of C.

A heartbeat can be toggled on or off. This can serve roughly as the "beat" of the music.

When you smack the computer, it says ouch. Its heart rate also speeds up.

Make too much noise, and it will yell at you and stop playing.


coming soon...


also coming soon.

What to include on your project page

  • A description of your project
  • Your code
    • If it's short, you can make a new page for it like this one
    • Or, if there's a lot of it, put it in a .zip file so that people can upload it.
  • Instructions on how to run your code
  • A sound or video recording of your piece. Going lo-fi and using built-in webcam from another laptop (e.g. PLOrk machine in studio B) is fine. But for audio, if you're using chuck, best to use for writing chuck's output directly to a file.
    • See directions above on putting it on your network drive and linking to it