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Thomas's Final Project

                                              The TETHERPLEX 

This is my instrument for 314. It uses the tether system and a 5 button FOOTIME mouse controller. A keyboard can be substituted for the mouse controller if absolutely necessary.

For this project i wanted to mix the super sweet tethers we have with a guitar pedalboard concept. My goal was to make something very noisy with plenty of oppurtunity for feedback of various sorts, distortion and totally wacked out noises. I also wanted to get us much control as possible out of the tethers which are extremely versatile and can give you 6 paremeters in 2 hands. Lastly I wanted to use the hemi's distinctive feature of having 6 channels to turn it into a sort of rotary speaker and be able to use this as a sort of meta-effect that could be turned on and off on all of the other effects. I'm very pleased with my final result and I invite anyone to try it out. My video is me performing some improved guitar and vocals and manipulating them with the tetherplex.


This instrument allows you to record a live sample and overdubs into a lisa. You can then playback and manipulate the sample using the left handed tether. The instrument also features three effects pedals. By pressing these pedals you change the controls that the right tether has over the sound. The three effects are the Echoator, Distorter and Mungilator. You can guess what they do. The button attached to the tether system allows you to switch from using all channels of the hemi at once to "spinning" around the hemi channels. Be careful to only use one pedal at a time and make sure you turn them off before using the next one. The MAUI will make it pretty obvious what is on or off. Don't worry about spinner though, that will keep working as you change the other pedals.

In Summary:

  • Record live sounds from adc (mic or instruments)
  • Mess with them using the fx pedals
  • Spin it
  • for more information view the instrument explanation at the beginning of my code

If you don't have FOOTIME

Easily modify the code by changing the FOOTIME shred msg.which to corrospond to keyboard msg.whichs and use a keyboard instead. i have a basic map of footime i will upload if anyone wants to use the pedal in the future and i have versions of each pedal mode that use only the tether button if anyone is interested.

Check it out

Here is the code for The Tetherplex. Just copy that baby right into chuck and let her rip.

Advanced instructions are in the opening comments

The video is a quick performance of some little guitar licks recorded live and then played back through the Tetherplex.


Tetherplex Keyboard Version

Check out this Video

Also i'll put some footime information on the wiki somewhere for future users.