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Thomas's Final Project


This is my instrument for 314. It uses the tether system and a 5 button FOOTIME mouse controller. A keyboard can be substituted for the mouse controller if absolutely necessary.


This instrument allows you to record a live sample and overdubs into a lisa. You can then playback and manipulate the sample using the left handed tether. The instrument also features three effects pedals. By pressing these pedals you change the controls that the right tether has over the sound. The three effects are the Echoator, Distorter and Mungilator. You can guess what they do. The button attached to the tether system allows you to switch from using all channels of the hemi at once to "spinning" around the hemi channels.

In Summary:

  • Record live sounds from adc (mic or instruments)
  • Mess with them using the fx pedals
  • Spin it
  • for more information view the instrument explanation at the beginning of my code

If you don't have FOOTIME

Easily modify the code by changing the FOOTIME shred msg.which to corrospond to keyboard msg.whichs and use a keyboard instead. i have a basic map of footime i will upload if anyone wants to use the pedal in the future and i have versions of each pedal mode that use only the tether button if anyone is interested.

What to include on your project page

  • A description of your project
  • Your code
    • If it's short, you can make a new page for it like this one
    • Or, if there's a lot of it, put it in a .zip file so that people can upload it.
  • Instructions on how to run your code
  • A sound or video recording of your piece. Going lo-fi and using built-in webcam from another laptop (e.g. PLOrk machine in studio B) is fine. But for audio, if you're using chuck, best to use for writing chuck's output directly to a file.
    • See directions above on putting it on your network drive and linking to it